A group of researchers from multiple Atlantic Futures research streams converged upon University of Limerick recently to share and develop their expertise in the practice of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, as work on the project gathers pace across all the partner institutions.

Dr Conor Carroll, RS 2 supervisor and Department Head of Management and Marketing at Kemmy Business School, conducted a Case Method Workshop, designed to help participants further develop the skills so fundamental to facilitating, understanding and contributing in their respective research projects, to achieve the best outcome.

Dr Carroll is one of the academics involved in Atlantic Futures Research Steam 2, ‘Business Scaling In The Atlantic Corridor’, and has written over 85 published marketing and entrepreneurship case studies, many of which are used extensively in leading European and International Universities.

Dr Carroll explained,

“The case methodology is a great approach into exploring the complex nuances of how businesses grow and thrive within the island of Ireland. This project will enable us to uncover the key ingredients and challenges in achieving scaling success for Irish businesses.”

The first day session focused on teaching and practicing the case method to help participants develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. On the second day the group engaged in a collaborative session, delving into discussions about their research and outlining the impact they intended to achieve academically and practically.

During the sessions, everyone also learned to utilise the ‘Impact Canvas’, a tool designed to assist in summarising impact strategy within large scale research projects.

The event was attended by a host of academics from both RS2 and RS5, ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Smaller Regional Innovation Systems’, including Prof. Kristel Miller and Prof. Esther Tippmann, who were joined by researchers Pamela Payaton, Ben Kiely, Amanda Calderwood, Ming Yang and Kyron Hoare, to develop skills and explore new practices that can add value to both these areas of research into business growth and innovation.

RS2 researcher Amanda Calderwood from Ulster University expressed;

"I had a great two days at the University of Limerick, guided by Dr. Conor Carroll. The trip helped me sharpen my skills in the Case Method workshop, collaborate on impactful strategies, and build meaningful connections. Traveling to Limerick was a great opportunity to meet fellow researchers, fostering a collaborative spirit that enhanced my research experience."

Her colleague Ben Fitzgerald Kiely from University of Limerick agreed;

“I truly valued the two day session based in the heart of UL's campus delivered by Dr. Conor Carroll. By exploring the theory and practice behind the Case Study methodology, researchers from various Atlantic Futures research streams are now empowered to deliver impact in our research and align our results with best practices academically. Meeting the crew in person adds a new dimension to the work we are undertaking” he added, ”and collaboration is definitely the best way forward to deliver on our various work packages.”

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Atlantic Futures is funded by the Higher Education Authority as part of the North South Research Programme. The project is a Shared Island partnership between Atlantic Technological University, Ulster University, University of Galway and University of Limerick.