Atlantic Futures is a €4million four year cross-border research project funded by The North-South Research Programme. The NSRP is a collaborative scheme funded through the Government’s Shared Island Fund. It is being administered by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) on behalf of the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.


The Partnership

  • CREATES a research team organised in three co-located hubs Derry/Londonderry, Galway, Limerick.
  • UNITES both strategic and basic research strategies and deploys a variety of methodologies, including GEM, science studies, behavioural science, action research, critical feminist studies, citizen research, patient participant enquiry, and a variety of methodologies from economics and management.
  • DEVELOPS a national resource on the scale and with similar ambition to the Edinburgh Futures Institute.
Partners & Funder

The Focus

The project focusses on the North West Atlantic Innovation Corridor region.

The project launched on January 13th 2023 and, over the upcoming 4 years, the aim of the collaboration is to become self-sustaining and established as an internationally recognised centre of excellence for impactful research.

Outcomes and Purpose

Atlantic Futures takes an outcomes based approach to research that is made possible by the partnership of scale. There is a focus on 4 outcomes that are delivered via 6 research streams

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Alignment of the research capacity of the leading research institutions in the west of Northern Ireland and Ireland around the problems of transition and transformation in our shared region. Included in this outcome is the development of capacity to capture the insights generated by aligned research projects (hydrogen technology, creative economy, childhood studies) to create integrated data sets and outputs.

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Development of a body of research co-created with relevant stakeholders addressing specific salient issues affecting the three city region. Outcomes here will include relevant policy advice for national and regional development agencies, businesses, and civil society groups.

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Achieving robust, scientifically novel insights into the developmental pathways for multi-city non-metropolitan regional transformation. This outcome is particularly orientated toward challenge areas of the Horizon Europe programme and responses to the green, digital, and energy transitions.

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Understand the role inter-cultural understanding and misunderstanding plays in cross-border collaboration and co-ordination. This activity is locally focused but aims to develop insights that can applied across other border regions in Europe. The project will create a research team organised in three co-located hubs Derry/Londonderry

Themes & research projects

  • The endogenous features of innovation in regional context (RS 1, 2)
  • Empowering women and young people (RS 3,4)
  • The technological and infrastructural opportunities and challenges faced by innovation (RS 5,6)
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